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Wedding ravish

Happy birthday tkel_paris!!

Posted on 2013.06.12 at 17:17
Happy birthday tkel_paris
Hope you have a great day! 

Doctor and Donna manga hug love

Happy birthday to sykira!

Posted on 2012.09.07 at 16:09
To the gifted writer and more importantly caring friend sykira, a very,very happy birthday. May God watch over and bless you and yours in the year to come and beyond.

Doctor Donna Hug

Happy birthday bas_math_girl!

Posted on 2012.09.04 at 16:45
Just a very quick post to wish the very lovely and very talented bas_math_girl a very very happy birthday and year filled with all the good stuff and none of the bad. So I guess that means lots of Doctor-Donna at the very least!

Bless you heaps, BMG!!!!

Rabbits Allons-y!

Happy Birthday to tkel_paris!

Posted on 2012.06.15 at 14:19
Sorry it's a few days late, but hope you had a very happy birthday, tkel_paris! All the best for a fabulous year!

Spaceman and Earthgirl

NewFic: And I'll tell you when, the second time

Posted on 2012.05.29 at 01:13
Oh boy, it has been months since I have managed to do any creative writing at all, much less post anything, which is very irresponsible of me, seeing as I have a number of unfinished series on the go. My apologies to anyone I have annoyed with this tardiness in updating; I do intend to finish all the series I have started but it is going to take a while I suspect. I hope some of you are prepared to hang in there.

Anyway, I begin the from-time-to-time update-a-thon with the next installment in the Tell me When series, where the Doctor and Donna reveal to each other the first time(s) they wanted to kiss each other.

Characters/pairing: Tenth Doctor and Donna
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: If I owned them, they woulda done it and we woulda seen it
Summary: The Doctor and Donna recall the moments they first wanted to kiss each other.
Author's note: This little piece, written at the suggestion of
Description: [info]tkel_paris, explores the second of the ‘potential first kiss’ scenarios revealed by the Doctor to Donna in Tell me when.  

There's just something about conversations in cupboards...Collapse )

Wedding ravish
Posted on 2012.04.23 at 20:02
Happy birthday, sczep84 ! May you have a wonderful, happy year!

Wedding ravish

New fic: Sanctuary

Posted on 2012.03.10 at 17:48
When I wrote "Soulmate" a little while ago, it was conceived as a stand-alone, in response to a prompt I had read somewhere about the importance of treasuring the love who is also your best friend. But when I had finished, I realised that there was a complement to that story. Here it is.

Characters/pairing: Tenth Doctor and Donna
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, but they are each others in my dreams
Summary: The Doctor has found what he never knew he was looking for.
Author's note: Companion piece to Soulmate.

Long lost, finally found.Collapse )

Wedding ravish

New Fic: Something in the Water (chapter 2)

Posted on 2012.03.08 at 14:44
Characters: Tenth Doctor and Donna
Genre: UST
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: That the characters aren't mine should be obvious given that this totally canon-compatible episode did not, sadly, appear in the series.
Summary: The Doctor has just turned down an extremely hormone-affected and totally up for it Donna. Did he do the right thing?
Author's note: Chapter 2 has been written in response to both literary compulsion and popular demand (okay, cake-shaped bribery) and constitutes the continuation of a piece written for  the 'pollen fic' challenge issued late last year. This time, it's the Doctor's POV.

Chapter 1 here

Time Lords don't need rubber glovesCollapse )

Wedding ravish

Happy belated Valentine's Day

Posted on 2012.02.18 at 22:58
I know this is late, but for some reason I can't really seem to put a finger on, I just don't seem to have the time to post and/or write much at the moment.

But, given the name of this LJ journal, I thought I should post something to commemorate this day, and the following fic has been sitting on my Macbook for a little while in a just-about-finished state. So I decided to actually finish it, and post it, as a bit of a love letter (although, not the next installment in that series yet, sorry bas_math_girl and tkel_paris) to my favourite Doctor Who time travellers.

Hope you enjoy.

Yes, I believe they do exist.Collapse )

Wedding ravish

The joys of incorrect spelling

Posted on 2012.02.14 at 19:28
So I just posted "Something in the water" over at fanfiction net and spell-checked but didn't proof read, leading to the following, amusing mental image-inducing gems:

"He paused, throwing Donna a guilty gland before casting his eyes downward again..."

"A WEEK?" Donna roared, causing the Doctor to skip back further on the bead, almost careening off the side.

I crack me up sometimes.

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